36 Days of Type

Illustration Series/Community Challenge, 2020

This is a series of daily illustrations for the community event 36daysoftype. Each illustration is designed as an eurorack module.

Alt text Alt text Bitwise LFO, for anyone needing a low resolution stepped LFO.

Alt text softCcontrol a CV generator that is made from rubber with a textured and tactile surface.

Alt text “Ether” is a breakout extension for the imaginary ORCA module from the previous day adding Ethernet and more CV outs.

Alt text Negative time delay as suggested by a fellow on Twitter.

Alt text „Gootastic Oscillator“ which morphs bends and is usually slightly out of tune.

Alt text Alt text “Inter Ference” an 4 oscillator with sine and saw waves + fine detune control via sliders.

Alt text Alt text „KAOS“ one trigger signal goes in, some trigger signals go out.

Alt text Alt text Alt text

Tags: #36daysoftype #Animation #Blender #Illustration