Alexander Mitzkus is a creative from Cologne, Germany, with interest in technology as well as an education in design. Currently employed as the Lead 3D Artist for denkwerk GmbH, he has worked on 3D printing, realtime VR with Unity, AR experiences, interactive art installations and web 3D with three.js. For that entire time, he’s been considered a go-to resource for all things motion design.

Since 2014 Alexander has actively supported the Blender Project, helping compile and edit demoreels for the Cycles Render engine and was able to provide example *.blend files for new cloth simulation features in 2020. Many of these assets are available free for everyone under the CC0 License. He is a recurring speaker at Blender Conference, covering a variety of topics.

Working on midiTracker a CLI tool to arrage music, a tiny browser game built from scratch in three.js and a Blender addon to import *.gpx files.

Commuting by bike, which results in 1,488km traveld since January 2024.


This website is build by hand and a quite minimal setup. I use the static site generator hugo to stitch together header, content and footer on each site. The articles are then realatively simple to write and edit via Markdown, hugo then converts them to their respective HTML structure. Most static images are already compressed to *.webp making them tiny and fast to load. External links are marked with an ↗️ using a simple CSS rule. I use Visual Studio Code as IDE, and manage the deployment with a single line of terminal magic (rsync).
This Website does not use Javascript, and it does not Track you. After using self hosted webfonts for a while I switched back to basic websave fonts. I also removed the four social icons, as they would always ship with hundreds of others.

It is inspired by Joel Hooks Digital Garden, Hundred Rabbits, Low Tech Magazine and others.