Elmet Brae EB01

Field Recordings on Modular, 2023

When Orllewin created a call¹ for ambient and noise music from the Merveilles Community, I knew that I wanted to join. Very excited, I started experimenting with noise, recordings and feedback again. Remembering that I had multiple iPhone field recordings from 2018 to 2022 that had not been unearthed before, things got interesting. The one recording that struck me the most was from 2021, an innocent recording of rain dripping through our flat’s balcony. If only I knew back then that this serious amount of rain days after a long drought would push from below the ground into our own basement. Would capture my partner in a 4 hour traffic jam. Erode the landscape so much that a whole neighborhood would be rendered uninhabitable and cost people their lives.²


Cover for the fromblelow-zuggamasta Audiofile

EB01 – from below



I tried to capture a dark and disturbing ambiance for the theme “The Land”, and recorded a live performance, which I can enjoy and also reflect on. I’m usually not the type to load things so much with meaning, but all that above supports entering my first exploration of field recordings on modular and not one of the later ones.

Cover Image



  1. Read the full project description: elmet brae: EB01
  2. Read more about the 2021 floods in Europe: 2021 European Floods on Wikipedia

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