Road to 100 Million Giphy Views

Animated Gifs, 2022

These animations where once againdone with the creative animation Tool looom by IORAMA. This time capturing single frames out of the looom screencasts, and converting them to highly efficient GIFs and transparent GIFs for the giphy plattform.

You can find all GIFs and Stickers here: giphy.com/zuggamasta. And to check out how it all started take a look at this entry from 2020, here.

There is also a stickerpack for the telegram messenger available: t.me/addstickers/zuggapack, which gets updates with the latest stickers.

GIF of a bald man GIF of a gravestone GIF of a bird picking a diamond GIF of a jumping frog GIF of a person

Tags: #Animation #Gif #Sketchbook