Modular Synth Videos II

Recored Live Performances, 2022

Alt text Self-Patching is Encouraged is an exploration in working with feedbackloops and self-osciliation inside the mixer. There is a constant rise of feedback noise from the outputs of the effects going back into the mixer. The whole thing is then – similar to side chainging on a compressor – controlled by the inverse envelope follower of the Mutable Instruments Ears module.

Alt text One of my biggest favorites: Going for a ride with ORCΛ on RaspberryPi, a composition written for ORCΛ and performed on my modular synthesizer. Making heavy use of delay and reverberation effects to give the synths voices a lot of room. The clicky drums and synth all are routed through a very modulated delay, making it zipp past the listener.

Alt text Sound of a Rats Nest is one of the most distored pieces I did until now. I’m regretting to not record this patch and performance with higher quaility audio gear. Lot’s of fine detail got lost due to recording straight to my camera.

Patchnotes: I did chain the kick trough mutable ears for overdrive/distortion. Noise Reap Paradox is sequenced by Muxlicer and Mutable Stages. Stages is just as the kick and the snare trigger sequenced by LL8. For special effect I put the filter in the effects loop of the mixer, this also results in some phasing, or phase cancelation. At least it sounds really fun to me.

Alt text Two notes is a chord, right? - ORCΛ x Noise Reap is currently my most viewed/listend to syth video. Chords and clock are provided by the Raspberry Pi running ORCA C. This time I’m not only manipulating the synthesizer, but also playing an additional synth line. This is done by by transposing part’s of the composition live one the orca canvas.

Alt text Patch023 - DAWLESS TECHNO - Noise Reap Paradox v1, Mutable Stages, LL8, SEISMORGRAPH and more

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